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Storm Clouds Gather for Big Oil

Ronan Kavanagh - 20 September 2017

Scientific advances in explaining and identifying the causes of extreme weather events like hurricanes and droughts could spell trouble for an oil and gas industry already firmly in the cross-hairs of environmental campaigners.

Trump Faces Energy Trade-Off

Vincent Lauerman - 14 September 2017

US President Donald Trump's new goal of American energy dominance sits uneasily with his parallel commitment to an "America First" trade policy.

Forecasting Gets Tougher

John van Schaik, Casey Sattler - 8 September 2017

A familiar caveat in financial markets is that past performance is no guarantee of future results. This now seems to be just as true for forecasts of global oil production.

Taking Stock of Hurricane Harvey

Barbara Shook, Tom Haywood, Frans Koster, Bridget DiCosmo - 31 August 2017

Hurricanes are a fact of life on the US Gulf Coast, but that does not make them easy to deal with.

Trump Doubles Down on Afghanistan

Scott Ritter - 28 August 2017

US President Donald Trump has reversed course on a campaign promise to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan, instead agreeing to redouble US military efforts to defeat Islamist terror and anti-government insurgents through an open-ended commitment of force.

The Vladivostok Test

Nelli Sharushkina, Dawn Lee - 24 August 2017

Next month's Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok will test the commitment of Russia's foreign partners to carry on investing in the country.

Next Steps in Libya's Recovery

Vincent Lauerman - 22 August 2017

Libya has emerged in recent months as a major headache for Opec and its attempts, in alliance with Russia and other non-Opec producers, to bring oil markets back into balance.

The Mideast Gulf's New Oil Order

David Pike, Oliver Klaus - 11 August 2017

It’s more of a gradual shift of tectonic plates than a seismic shock, but fundamental changes are under way in the Mideast Gulf’s oil and gas sector.

Congress Plays Russian Roulette

Scott Ritter - 9 August 2017

The expansion of US sanctions against Russia will do little to change Moscow's behavior, but risks an erosion of American influence in Europe and beyond.

Maduro Tightens His Grip

Jason Fargo - 7 August 2017

Venezuela's political crisis grows more grave with every passing week, but what are the implications for the country's oil sector?

The Dividend Squeeze

Sarah Miller - 4 August 2017

The global oil industry can clearly survive, if not exactly thrive, with oil around $50/bbl. But can the same be said of the leading US and European majors?

Testing Times for Exxon

Casey Sattler - 3 August 2017

Exxon Mobil has long been in a league of its own, but the US oil giant has recently seen an erosion of its standing on a number of fronts.

Slow Progress for Fast Reactors

Gary Peach - 2 August 2017

For most people these days, "energy transition" means greater use of wind or solar, or advances in electric vehicle technology. But there's also increasing talk -- some of it perhaps a little overoptimistic -- of transition in the nuclear industry.

Iraq Seeks a New Deal

Caroline Kehoe, Mark Hatfull, Joseph Bentley - 1 August 2017

Renegotiation of the problematic technical service contracts governing Iraq's giant oil fields is now back on the agenda. But what are Baghdad and the country's foreign oil operators likely to want from these discussions?

The Sanctions Threat to Europe

Corey Johnson, Tim Boersma - 27 July 2017

Rising tensions between the US and Russia could make EU gas trade, and the proposed Nord Stream 2 pipeline, a point of contention.

North Korea's New Oil Ally

Nadezhda Sladkova, Maryelle Demongeot - 24 July 2017

China is North Korea's largest trading partner, but not the only one. And when it comes to oil, Russia now appears keen to play a bigger role.

A Headache for Aramco

Oliver Klaus - 19 July 2017

One of Saudi Arabia's newest and largest oil projects, the 900,000 b/d offshore Manifa field, is facing major technical problems that have knocked out an estimated one-third of its nameplate capacity.

An Isolationist Climate Policy

Sarah Miller - 14 July 2017

What are the implications of the US' isolation on energy and climate change at the recent G20 Summit in Hamburg? If the underlying question is whether the global transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy will continue or even accelerate, the answer is that none of it matters much.

A Meeting of Minds

Scott Ritter - 13 July 2017

US President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, established a rapport during their talks in Germany last week that suggested they were willing to work together to improve relations between their two countries.