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A Risky Risk Premium

Sarah Miller - 21 November 2017

The re-emergence of a political risk premium in oil prices is at best a mixed blessing for the industry.

Can Shale Save Argentina?

Vincent Lauerman - 17 November 2017

A combination of good geology and improved governance could soon provide a boost to Argentina's beleaguered economy.

The Next Mideast Crisis

Alex Schindelar - 15 November 2017

Last week’s arrests of senior princes and businessmen in Saudi Arabia stunned the world, but the real risk is the escalation in tensions between the kingdom and Iran.

America's African Error

Scott Ritter - 9 November 2017

The deaths of four US servicemen in Niger have highlighted an American military presence in Africa that risks repeating mistakes made in Afghanistan.

Clinton's Nuclear Fallout

Philip Chaffee - 7 November 2017

Why has a tiny uranium mine in Wyoming become key to Republican efforts to deflect attention away from the scandals dogging US President Donald Trump?

Energy Barely a Nafta Thought

Vincent Lauerman - 2 November 2017

The North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) is heading for the divorce courts. And that could have a big impact on regional oil and gas trade.

No Time for Cap and Trade

Sarah Miller - 1 November 2017

If global emissions reduction goals are to be met, carbon pricing is needed now, not at some uncertain point in the future. And that means carbon taxes, rather than a convoluted cap-and-trade system.

Baghdad Flexes Its Muscles

Simon Martelli - 27 October 2017

Iraq's prime minister, aided by Tehran, has played his hand well, building on the jihadists' defeat in Iraq by seizing Kirkuk in response to the Kurds' ill-fated independence referendum. The result? Baghdad now looks stronger than it has in years.

Throwing Corporate Caution to the Winds

Sarah Miller - 24 October 2017

Historically, oil was a game for the daring and gutsy. Today, the oil and gas business has adopted a mantra of "value-over-volume" and caution is the byword.

Trump's Iranian Trick

Scott Ritter - 20 October 2017

US President Trump's decision to decertify the Iran nuclear agreement will have little impact on the JCPOA itself, but further erodes US credibility as a reliable partner.

Understanding the Kurdish Referendum

Scott Ritter - 9 October 2017

At the heart of the crisis triggered by Iraqi Kurdistan's recent independence referendum is a fundamentally domestic political power struggle.

Venezuela's Russian Connection

Vincent Lauerman - 4 October 2017

Venezuela, a founding member of Opec and, despite its troubles, still an important oil producer, is emerging as yet another geopolitical battleground between the US and Russia.

Automakers Follow the Rules

Sarah Miller - 26 September 2017

Why are automobile manufacturers rushing to embrace electric vehicles (EVs), with potentially dire consequences for oil demand? The answer, in a word, is regulation.

Trump's Unclear Nuclear Policy

Scott Ritter - 21 September 2017

US President Donald Trump this week outlined a foreign policy approach to North Korea and Iran containing many apparent contradictions. But the implications of this approach are real and grave.

Storm Clouds Gather for Big Oil

Ronan Kavanagh - 20 September 2017

Scientific advances in explaining and identifying the causes of extreme weather events like hurricanes and droughts could spell trouble for an oil and gas industry already firmly in the cross-hairs of environmental campaigners.

Trump Faces Energy Trade-Off

Vincent Lauerman - 14 September 2017

US President Donald Trump's new goal of American energy dominance sits uneasily with his parallel commitment to an "America First" trade policy.

Forecasting Gets Tougher

John van Schaik, Casey Sattler - 8 September 2017

A familiar caveat in financial markets is that past performance is no guarantee of future results. This now seems to be just as true for forecasts of global oil production.

Taking Stock of Hurricane Harvey

Barbara Shook, Tom Haywood, Frans Koster, Bridget DiCosmo - 31 August 2017

Hurricanes are a fact of life on the US Gulf Coast, but that does not make them easy to deal with.

Trump Doubles Down on Afghanistan

Scott Ritter - 28 August 2017

US President Donald Trump has reversed course on a campaign promise to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan, instead agreeing to redouble US military efforts to defeat Islamist terror and anti-government insurgents through an open-ended commitment of force.