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The Accidental War on Oil

Sarah Miller - 19 April 2018

Threats of trade wars and even real wars are bad news for an oil and gas industry already menaced by the energy transition.

Trump's Syria Dilemma

Scott Ritter - 11 April 2018

The lack of a coherent US policy toward Syria contrasts sharply with a united front presented by Russia, Iran and Turkey, and creates risks for the wider Middle East region.

The Power of Cooperation

Sarah Miller - 9 April 2018

The future of energy is electrification -- so why isn't the electricity sector in better shape?

Trade War Worries

Vincent Lauerman - 28 March 2018

China appears the main target of Donald Trump's trade offensive, but other victims could include his "US energy dominance" agenda.

Home Truths About Putin

Scott Ritter - 27 March 2018

Russian President Vladimir Putin was elected to an unprecedented fourth term in office earlier this month, which will make him the second-longest serving leader in Russian history.

The Bottom Line for Gas

Sarah Miller - 21 March 2018

Gas is unlikely to be a dependable money-spinner for petroleum companies in the decades ahead.

Canada's Pipe Problem

Vincent Lauerman - 12 March 2018

A planned oil pipeline expansion in Canada has triggered an internal trade war.

Putin Throws Down the Gauntlet

Scott Ritter - 7 March 2018

The new nuclear capability unveiled by Russia last week has shifted the balance of power between Moscow and Washington.

It's All About Batteries

Sarah Miller - 6 March 2018

Batteries are emerging as the game-changing technology on which the energy transition will depend. And they're changing fast.

Big Powers Near Unwanted War

Scott Ritter - 28 February 2018

The Geneva peace process has failed, leaving Russian-sponsored talks in Astana and Sochi as the sole means of seeking a political solution in Syria.

Cracking the Glass Ceiling

Jane Collin - 27 February 2018

Look round any big oil or gas conference and the glass ceiling is obvious. Speakers and audience alike are almost uniformly male and middle-aged.

A Vote to Leave Opec?

Vincent Lauerman - 23 February 2018

Ecuador's recent referendum improves the outlook for oil production growth, but also raises the prospect of a second exit from Opec.

Renewable Certainties

Sarah Miller - 20 February 2018

Amid confusion over prospects for the global economy, the few certainties oil and gas companies can depend on are not especially reassuring.

Lebanon's Gas Gamble

Scott Ritter - 13 February 2018

Gas drilling in disputed waters risks creating a new flash point between Israel and Lebanon.

A Clash of Ideologies

Sarah Miller - 8 February 2018

Energy will play a central role in the struggle between US President Donald Trump's "America First" vision and China's drive for smarter, cleaner and greener growth.

Shale Guessing Games

Vincent Lauerman - 5 February 2018

The EIA may be underestimating US shale growth -- again.

An Empty Bluff on Iran

Scott Ritter - 29 January 2018

After a year in office, US President Donald Trump has not been able to put together a coherent plan for dismantling the Iran nuclear deal.

Turkey's American Dilemma

Rafiq Latta - 23 January 2018

How will Turkey's deteriorating relations with the US affect regional politics and energy development?